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Being here is really like being in the Caribbean, and I like that people get to experience that. I thank Little Caribbean for adding me to the tour and I’m hoping they get bigger. I’m excited that Shelley chose me and my restaurant; it makes me feel special.
Gina, Island Express

LinkNYC is a proud partner of CaribBeing. With CaribBeing’s rich historic information and connections to local businesses, we were able to share engaging content for Caribbean Heritage month to millions of New Yorkers and visitors and promote Caribbean restaurants and shops in local communities.

Airbnb is proud to support Caribbeing in its mission to highlight the numerous contributions of the Caribbean community in New York City. From the launch event of the Caribbeing House to a walking tour of Flatbush, we are thrilled to help share such incredible culture and diversity with the Airbnb community and beyond.
Josh Meltzer, Airbnb’s Head of New York Public Policy

I’m proud to be a longtime supporter of the Little Caribbean, and I’m even prouder that this designation is coming to fruition. Brooklyn is the epicenter of the Caribbean Diaspora, and this branding promises to have an incalculable value on the economic development and cultural pride of Flatbush and East Flatbush.
Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President

This official designation will help build on this success of the eclectic and varied cultural diversity of New York and Brooklyn in particular, and allow for further promotion of our borough. The Caribbean culture is significant to Brooklyn’s local economy, as many of its residents and local businesses are owned and operated by those of a Caribbean pedigree, and this designation of the “Little Caribbean” will help create jobs and attracts tourists. Promotion of this designation benefits not only the borough, but the New York City region and entire state.
Honorable Jaime Williams, New York State Assembly

The core of Brooklyn's Caribbean community starts at Flatbush Junction.
Kenneth Mbonu, Executive Director Flatbush Nostrand Junction BID

Sharing our culture and traditions are crucial to keeping Caribbean culture alive, and Little Caribbean is greatly helping to do just that.
Allan’s Bakery, Prospect Lefferts Gardens

The formal naming of Little Caribbean is a crucial marker in a rapidly changing Brooklyn. It’s an acknowledgment and celebration of the longtime cultural contributions of Caribbean community members to our borough and the city, as well as an invitation for newer community members to get to know the rich cultural heritage of their neighborhoods.
LAUREN A ZELAYA, Brooklyn Museum